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Please carefully read the Booking Conditions and then complete the details below in accordance with your passport.   Once you have selected your arrangements, contact our office (1300 784 794) or your travel agent to place your reservation.  At this time a non-refundable deposit is required (as detailed below).  No reservation will be processed until the appropriate deposit is received by Arctic Travel Centre.



Greg Mortimer

VOYAGE DEPOSIT – $2,500 of per person price

FINAL PAYMENT – Due 95 days prior to departure

National Geographic Explorer

VOYAGE DEPOSIT: $1,000 per person for 12 day & 17 day cruises, $1,800 per person for 22 day cruise

FINAL PAYMENT: 125 days prior to departure

Sea Spirit

VOYAGE DEPOSIT: 20% of the per person price.

FINAL PAYMENT: Due 95 days prior to departure.

Ocean Nova

VOYAGE DEPOSIT– $2,500 per person

BALANCE DUE – 125 days prior to departure


VOYAGE DEPOSIT – 20% of the total cost of the voyage

BALANCE DUE – 65 days prior to departure

Le Boreal & L’Austral

VOYAGE DEPOSIT – 25% of the total cost of the booking

BALANCE DUE – 95 days prior to departure

Ocean Adventurer, World Explorer & Ultramarine 

VOYAGE DEPOSIT – 20% if the non-discounted rate

BALANCE DUE – 125 days prior to departure

Silver Cloud, Silver Wind & Silver Explorer

VOYAGE DEPOSIT – 25% of the total cost of the booking

BALANCE DUE – 125 days prior to departure

50 Years of Victory

VOYAGE DEPOSIT – 20% of per person  price

FINAL PAYMENT – 95 days prior to departure


VOYAGE DEPOSIT – 20% of the total

FINAL PAYMENT – 35 days prior to departure

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Additional deposits of 10% to 50% per person may be required for extra arrangements and some accommodation reservations.   Please note that all reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking. Any verbal quote given is an estimate only of the price and this will be subject to written advice upon confirmation of the reservation.  Full balance of payment is due 90-120 days prior to departure (as stipulated above) or immediately upon confirmation if the booking is made within the stipulated period.  Failure to receive monies by the due date will mean automatic cancellation of your booking and loss of any monies paid.



It is a condition of the booking that you and all members of your party have comprehensive travel insurance.  Due to the remoteness of the areas in which you will travel, you must have a minimum US$50,000 (or equivalent)  emergency medical cover and US$100,000 (or equivalent) emergency evacuation cover.  The travel insurance policy should also include cover for trip cancellation, trip delay (interruption or after departure cover), loss of baggage, and repatriation.  Arctic Travel Centre will not be held responsible for delays due to force majeure.  Any additional costs accrued will be the responsibility of the traveller. For more information on insurance requirements click here.



Please ensure that your name, date of birth, passport details, etc. exactly match those in your passport.


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    By paying the deposit, I acknowledge I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Booking Conditions, and I consent to Antarctica Travel Centre using any personal information provided by me for the purposes of making travel arrangements on my behalf.
    In compliance with the government Privacy Act, we advise that we may use your personal details to send you information about future programmes.
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