Mikaela Price

Marketing Assistant
Mikki in Arctic

I can’t really say that it had been a lifelong goal of mine to visit the Arctic because up until working for Arctic Travel Centre (call me naive) I didn’t realise that visiting the region was indeed an attainable goal. It’s safe to say that once I learnt that you could witness a polar bear in its natural habitat it was quickly added to my list.


I was lucky enough to experience the raw and rugged beauty of the High Arctic in Summer of 2019, spending 10 days cruising around Svalbard and northern Norway. As a keen hiker and an equal lover of the mountains and the sea it was the perfect place for me. Imposing snow-capped mountains greeted me everywhere I looked and cruising the seas was a never ending search for what could be lurking around us.


We were lucky enough to spot an elusive polar bear, there was an abundance of walrus’, whales, reindeer, arctic foxes and as a keen birder I was blown away by the richness of bird life constantly surrounding the ship. What really surprised me though was the beautiful flora that was growing all around. In such a desolate and harsh climate I was astonished with the thriving vegetation – even several different types of fungi! The Arctic is a place that I will never forget and forever long to return to.


Places Visited:


Svalbard: 14th July Glacier, Alkhornet, Bamsebu, Crozierpynten, Ny Alesund, Longyearbyen, Gnalodden, Texas Bar, Poolepynten, Rechecherbreen, Bear Island

Norway: Gjesvaerstappan Islands, North Cape, Tromso, Oslo, Sommeroy, Bergen, Flam

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