1-2Otaru & Rishiri, Japan Embark on the Hanseatic Inspiration
3-4Sakhalin, Russia Visit the island of Sakhalin, where the penal colony of Korsakov was, then visit the east coast of Tyuleny island
5-7Kuril Islands Explore the Brad Chirpoy and Lovushka Islands
8-12Kamchatka, Russia Be in awe at the active and extinct volcanoes, glittering glaciers and deep fjords, verdant forest an clear rivers
13At SeaCrossing the International Dateline
13-18Aleutian Islands, AlaskaExplore these remote islands that are visited by very few ships
19Chankliut Islands Theres a chance here that you will see Stellar sea lions and numerous species of birds
20At SeaRelax on board as your adventure comes to an end
21Seward, Alaska Disembark in the early morning and farewell your new friends
ATC Hanseatic Inspiration Kamchatka Aleutian


Hanseatic Inspiration
Hanseatic Inspiration External View

The Hanseactic Inspiration raises the bar in the expedition cruise segment and features numerous structural elements that enhance the expedition experience even more. Retractable glass balconies on the sun deck give you the feeling of hovering directly above the water and you can stand on the circuit on the bow of the ship to be closer to the action – even closer than the captain. The new ship can accommodate 199 guests on Antarctica and Arctic cruises (230 for other voyages) with exclusively outside cabins, almost all of which have their own balcony or french balcony. There are 3 first class restaurants on board as well as a spa, fitness centre, pool and multiple bars and lounges to help you relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring all Antarctica has to offer.

Days 1-2 Otaru and Rishiri, Japan

Hanseatic Inspiration View from Balcony

Embark on the Hanseatic Inspiration in Otaru, Japan to start your incredible journey to the far flung Russian Far East. Departure will take place at 6pm. Northern Japan will be the prologue to your adventure. The island of Rishiri off Hokkaido is dominated by a volcano of the same name, with a cone-shaped peak. It is spring – the perfect time to head out with your experts to discover fresh nature, just as the terrain is reclaimed by plant life bursting with colour.

Days 3-4 Sakhalin, Russia

Common Guillemot

The course will take you to the Sea of Okhotsk, where Anton Chekhov brought literary notoriety to the island of Sakhalin when he wrote about the erstwhile penal colony of Korsakov in his travelogue. Still impressed by the historical details, you will then take a Zodiac to the east coast of the island of Tyuleny. Its beaches are home to huge colonies of fur seals and its jagged cliffs are populated by flocks of common murres. Here – like so many other places on this route – whales can often be spotted.

Days 5-7 Kuril Islands

Ebeko Volcano Paramushir Island, Kuril Islands

Overgrown mountain peaks shimmer through the mist. Spray thunders against steep cliffs. Time and again, the landscape will take your breath away – for example when you reach the interior of the steep caldera on Yankicho by Zodiac, weather permitting. The highest volcano of the Kuril Islands rises up on Atlasova; behind it, the coast of the Ptichiy Islands spreads out before you. With a bit of luck, you will see seals and sea otters in the kelp forests. Mighty volcanoes, geysers and great forests: Kamchatka offers a landscape of monumental dimensions.

Days 8-12 Kamchatka

Bears Kamchatka, Russia

Your route is adjusted daily according to the weather and the expected sightings – for example, so that you can land at Russkaya Bay and discover the stunning natural scenery. The Zodiacs turn even the Chazma salmon river into expedition territory. Will the Kamchatka brown bear put in an appearance here? Keep a constant lookout for bears and Steller’s sea eagles – for example at the mouth of the Zhupanova River. To marvel at the volcanic landscape from a bird’s-eye view, take off from Petropavlovsk on a helicopter flight to the Valley of Geysers*, which formed 20,000 years ago. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is shaped by columns of water that shoot up every minute and steaming sulphur springs. A flight to Kurile Lake* will take you to an important salmon breeding ground. While the brown bears hunt fish, you will hunt thrilling sights. Alternatively, a hike up the Avacha volcano* will reward you with fantastic views of the dramatic landscape.

*The activities marked with an asterix are not included in the voyage price.

Day 13 Crossing the International Date Line (Day counts twice)

Days 13-18 Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Aleutian Islands

At the point where the North American Plate and Pacific Plate meet, you will explore one of the most exciting expedition territories of all time: the Aleutian Islands. Join the Hanseatic Inspiration as it sets sail for remote islands visited by very few ships – like Kiska Island. On a walk into the island’s interior, your experts will shed light on this conservation area, home to earless seals and bald eagles. Learn more, experience more: volcanological research will show Tanaga Island in a new light too. Reaching almost 2,000m into the sky, the volcano reveals the sheer force of nature. Yunaska Island, an archaic premiere destination for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises, is dominated by two volcanoes. Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island bears witness to Alaska’s history; it has the oldest Russian Orthodox church in North America. Keep a lookout for whales as the ship makes its way across the Bering Sea. On Akutan Island, experience life in the local fishing community.

Day 19 Chankliut Island

Steller's Sea Lions

Chankliut Island is both another premiere destination and the perfect way to conclude your expedition: here you will have another chance to see Steller sea lions and numerous species of bird. The wonders of this wild environment will remain vivid in your memory for a long time to come.

Day 20 At Sea

Hanseatic Inspiration Dining

A relaxing day at sea will take you to Seward, a pleasant way to round off your time here and look back on the many stages of your expedition.

Day 21 Seward, Alaska

Hanseatic Inspiration External

Disembark in Seward and say farewell to your new found friends and the Hanseatic Inspiration.

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