1Seward, Alaska Embark on the Hanseatic Inspiration
2At Sea Relax on board your new home for the next month
3-4Aleutian Islands, Alaska Visit Unga Island and Unalaska Island
5At Sea Entertain yourself on board as you begin your Northeast Passage adventure
6Saint Matthew Islands Keep an eye out for the commonly spotted Arctic foxes
7At Sea Crossing the international date line (one day will be lost)
8-9Chukchi Peninsula, Bering Strait, RussiaProvideniya & Cape Dezhnev
10-14Chukchi Sea Kolyuchin Island and Wrangel Island, commonly referred too as the Polar Bear Maternity Ward
15-19SiberiaCruising through the East Siberian and Laptev Sea
20-21Severnaya Zemlya Explore this area only accessible via boat
22Isachenko Island Visit an abandoned research station
23Uyedineniya Island Dubbed "Solitute Island" attempt a landing on this islands vast tundra
24Novaya Zemlya This historical rugged island features mountain ranges that formed with Europe and Siberia colided
25Cruising through the Barents Sea/Arctic Ocean Relax on board as you head towards Franz Josef Land
26-28Franz Josef Land Polar Bears, spherical stones, walruses
29-30Cruising through the Barents Sea/Arctic Ocean Keep your self entertained with the many activities on board
31MurmanskVisit the largest city north of the Arctic Circle
32Cruising off North CapeRelax at sea
33TromsoDisembark after breakfast
ATC Hanseatic Inspiration Seward-Tromso


Hanseatic Inspiration
Hanseatic Inspiration External View

The Hanseactic Inspiration raises the bar in the expedition cruise segment and features numerous structural elements that enhance the expedition experience even more. Retractable glass balconies on the sun deck give you the feeling of hovering directly above the water and you can stand on the circuit on the bow of the ship to be closer to the action – even closer than the captain. The new ship can accommodate 199 guests on Antarctica and Arctic cruises (230 for other voyages) with exclusively outside cabins, almost all of which have their own balcony or french balcony. There are 3 first class restaurants on board as well as a spa, fitness centre, pool and multiple bars and lounges to help you relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring all Antarctica has to offer.

Day 1 Seward, Alaska

Seward, Alaska

Embark on the Hanseatic Inspiration in Seward, Alaska to start your incredible journey in the footsteps of famed explores as you can hope for a successful transit of the Northeast Passage. Departure will take place at 6pm.

Day 2 At Sea

Hanseatic Inspiration View from Balcony

Relax on board the Hanseatic Inspiration as you head towards the Aleutian Islands, Alaska.

Days 3-4 Aleutian Islands

Aleutian Islands

Although this legendary passage is planned with care, the actual itinerary depends on the weather and ice. This approach will be richly rewarded with natural experiences in the untamed wilderness and traces of historic expeditions. From Alaska, the volcanic chain of the Aleutian Islands extends into the Pacific in a wide arc – the starting point for thrilling weeks of expeditions. Again and again, the Zodiacs will take you to remote islands. Perhaps you will hear the cry “Whale spotted!” in the waters off Unga Island. You will also be able to observe these giants of the ocean particularly well from the deck, before landing for a hike. Feel the wonder of creation when, with a little luck, stunning bald eagles soar over Unalaska Island, the capital of the Aleutian Islands.

Day 5 At Sea

Day 6 Saint Matthew Island

Arctic Fox, Aleutian Archipelago

Saint Matthew Island is famous for its barren yet exceptionally beautiful landscape. Arctic foxes are common in this sparsely populated world.

Day 7 Crossing the International Date Line (One Day Lost)

Day 8-9 Chukchi Peninsula/Bering Strait/Russia

shutterstock_1441142561 Provideniya resize

The adventure of the Northeast Passage begins as you cross the International Date Line. Write your own story of discovery on thrilling expedition days. On the Chukchi Peninsula, for example, home to whales, seabirds and seals. In seldom-visited Provideniya, you will learn what life is like for people here in the far east of Russia when you go ashore with the experts and visit the small museum. At Cape Dezhnev, the most north-easterly point of the Eurasian landmass, Russian history speaks for itself. It may be possible to walk to a monument to the pioneer Semyon Dezhnev, the first to round the cape in 1648.

Day 10-14 Chukchi Sea

Old Fishing Boat on the Shore of Chukchi

Feel a deep connection to pioneers such as Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld and Willem Barents as your cruise continues through the Chukchi Sea. The rocky coast and steep cliffs of Kolyuchin Island rise from the icy Arctic Ocean. The excitement on board will grow when Wrangel Island appears on the horizon. Will the ship manage to traverse the often thick belt of drifting ice around this UNESCO World Heritage Site? The Hanseatic Inspiration will spend three days showing you the most spectacular aspects of these magnificent natural surroundings. On rides and landings with the Zodiacs, you can really experience this raw natural beauty. You might spot walruses on the coasts, and walks on the tundra will give you the chance to take in the fantastic mountain massifs and spot reindeer in the vast, silent landscape. You will probably also be able to watch polar bears from a respectful distance in a Zodiac or on deck.

Day 15-19 Siberia


In the East Siberian Sea, you will join the small group of seafarers who have made it to this region. Vitus Bering is said to have discovered the Medvezhy Islands on his second Kamchatka expedition in 1740. Land with the Zodiacs and enjoy impressive sights here – and also on the New Siberian Islands, where exciting insights into the early years of polar exploration await you. In 1893, researcher Fridtjof Nansen allowed his ship to freeze here in order to reach the geographic North Pole by using the natural ice drifts of the Arctic Ocean. You may be able to observe rock ptarmigans and reindeer on these little-researched islands. After cruising through the Laptev Sea, the Hanseatic Inspiration can take full advantage of its status as a small expedition ship with the highest ice class.

Day 20-21 Severnaya Zemlya

walrus, svalbard

This is the only way to reach Severnaya Zemlya. Until now, few people have seen the coasts of the almost semi-glacial islands, home to polar bears and walruses. What nautical challenges will the Hanseatic Inspiration take on next?

Day 22 Isachenko Island

Franz Josef Land- Blog Size shutterstock_536539075 Polar Bears Franz Joseph Land

The answer will ignite your pioneering spirit: new terrain! On Isachenko Island, an abandoned station tells of the lonely life of researchers at the end of the earth – with luck, you’ll also see some polar bears here.

Day 23 Uyedineniya Island

Ivory Gull

Vast tundra welcomes visitors to Uyedineniya Island. It is said that, upon discovering the island in 1878, Norway’s Edvard Holm Johannesen dubbed it “Solitude Island”. Does it live up to its name? Find out for yourself if Neptune allows for you to land. The island hosts one of the world’s largest breeding sites of ivory gulls.

Day 24 Novaya Zemlya

Novaya Zemlya Archipelago

The Hanseatic Inspiration follows in the footsteps of Willem Barents as it heads for the deep bays of rugged, elemental Novaya Zemlya. As Barents circumnavigated the island in 1596 on his search for the Northeast Passage, his ship became trapped in the pack ice and the crew was forced to spend the winter there. In geological terms, it is almost identical to the Urals, as it is a northern continuation of the mountain range, which was formed when Europe and Siberia collided. You can now experience that pure expedition feeling when you land here with the Zodiacs.

Day 25 Cruising through the Barents Sea/Arctic Ocean

Day 26-28 Franz Josef Land


Icy and isolated, surreal and remote – your thrilling expedition continues in the Arctic Ocean around Franz Josef Land. The captain and crew will react flexibly, allowing you to observe enthralling natural spectacles. For example, Apollonov Island is known for the walruses that rest on its beach. The animals weigh around 1,000kg and make an impressive sight from a respectful distance. The Zodiacs will take you to a popular magnet for geologists on Champ Island: massive, perfectly spherical stones of up to 3m in diameter. Can you solve the puzzle of the geodes? Bell Island takes its name from a bell-shaped mountain. Few people would expect to find the oldest building in the archipelago here. A wooden house built in 1881 in the vast wilderness of stone and snow is a small sign of civilisation. Your impressions of Russia will make you feel even closer to Julius Payer and Karl Weyprecht – the pioneers of the Austro-Hungarian Polar Expedition. Whilst exploring the Arctic Ocean in 1873, they happened upon the land, which they named after their emperor. They also discovered what is now Cape Tegetthoff on Hall Island. Follow in their footsteps and continue your expedition with spectacular natural sightings.

Days 29-30 Cruising through the Barents Sea/Arctic Ocean

Day 31 Murmansk

Murmansk- Alex

After cruising through the Barents Sea, you will reach Murmansk, the largest city north of the Arctic Circle – and a military exclusion zone until 1991. Here, you can go ashore and explore Murmansk* or uncover the history of the Russian Northern Fleet during a visit to a nuclear-powered icebreaker*.

Day 32 Cruising off North Cape, Relaxation at Sea

Nordkapp, Norway

People once believed that North Cape marked the end of the world – today, your expedition with the Hanseatic Inspiration will slowly draw to a close here as your many experiences come together to form a whole. The Northeast Passage will no longer be a white dot on your personal explorer’s map – its wealth of experiences will stay with you forever.

Day 33 Tromso/Norway


Disembark after breakfast in Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle.

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