This award-winning expedition cruise takes you to Scorsbysund, on the northeast coast of Greenland, Iceland, and high above the Arctic Circle in Spitsbergen, Norway. Iconic Arctic animals such as the polar bear, musk ox, reindeer and walrus are commonly seen.



Day Place Highlights
Day 1 Longyearbyen Embark on your voyage in Longyearbyen
Day 2-5 Spitsbergen View Polar bears, walrus, seabirds and incredible landscapes
Days 6-7 Greenland Sea Whales & sea birds
Days 8-11  East Greenland Visit Thule settlements and Scorebysund fjord complex
Days 12-13  Denmark Strait Cross the Denmark Strait Disembark in Reykjavik

Day 1 Longyearbyen, Norway


Your Spitsbergen Arctic voyage begins in Longyearbyen when you board your ship. Enjoy views of the island’s rugged, glacier-topped mountains, rising majestically from icy waters.

Day 2-5 Spitsbergen

Polar bear and cub Spitsbergen

Exploring Spitsbergen, the largest of the Norwegian-ruled Svalbard islands, rewards you with abundant wildlife and austere beauty. Here, you’ll visit spectacular glacier fronts and steep- walled fjords with walrus, polar bears and Spitsbergen reindeer among your possible wildlife sightings. Birders will be thrilled to see arctic terns, skuas, long-tailed ducks, kittiwakes and ivory gulls. When conditions are right, you could sail within 10 degrees of the North Pole!


Days 6-7 Greenland Sea

While sailing south through the historic Greenland Sea, you’ll learn about the wildlife and history of Greenland, your next stop. On deck, you’ll learn to identify seabirds on the wing. Take in a lecture, share your photos, sip an icy cocktail in the bar or watch a movie—there are many things to do during your time at sea.

Days 8-11 East Greenland

Iceberg Scoresby Sund

During your tour of Greenland’s remote eastern coast, you’ll enjoy Zodiac cruises and shore visits to several locations. Visit the remains of ancient Thule settlements, and keep an eye out for grazing muskoxen; 40% of the world’s population lives here. Finally, you will sail through spectacular Scoresbysund, the birthplace of many icebergs and, some say, the most beautiful fjord system in the world.

Day 12 Denmark Strait

Northern Fulmar Arctic

At sea, the Denmark Strait is your pathway toward Iceland. Your Expedition Team will keep you informed and entertained with presentations about the history of exploration in the Arctic and the seabirds you’ll inevitably see soaring above your ship.

Day 13 Reykjavik

Reykjavik Iceland

You’ll disembark in Akureyri, and transfer to your waiting charter flight to Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital, at the end of your journey. If you have booked post-expedition accommodation, we provide a transfer to a central downtown location.

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