Greg Mortimer


Introduction to the Greg Mortimer

The Greg Mortimer is a new, purpose built (maiden sailing will be in 2019 – all ship and cabin images are renders), Polar cruise vessel designed in close consultation with Polar experts and is the first expedition cruise ship designed with the ULSTEIN X-BOW hull.    This cutting edge nautical technology allows for: gentle travel and motion at sea, improved comfort and safety on-board, reduced vibrations, lower fuel consumption, lower air emissions and ‘virtual anchoring’ which means the ship can float anchorless while launching the Zodiacs without disturbing delicate sea floor areas. There are four sea-level launching platforms for fast and efficient access to and from Zodiacs.


Up to 126 guests will be accommodated in staterooms all with en-suite facilities. The ship has custom-built hydraulic platforms offering guests unobstructed views, a dedicated activity platform and an indoor observation lounge with unobstructed panoramic views. The outdoor top deck allows for 360 degree views.


The Greg Mortimer will set a new level in luxury & expedition cruising; focusing on multiple landings, flexible itineraries and environmental sensitivity.




Book by 31 March 2020 and enjoy zero single supplement for solo cabin use in select cabins on these voyages: West Greenland Explorer 18 May 2020, Iceland Circumnavigation 2 June 2020 and Iceland, Greenland and East Coast Canada 23 September 2020. Offers is subject to availability, valid on new bookings only and cannot be combined with any other offer.  Offer can be withdrawn or amended at any time, contact us for details.


Book by 31 March 2020 to save up to 20% off select voyages and cabins. Offers is subject to availability and the time of booking. Early Booking Offers are capacity controlled and once discounted cabins are exhausted prices will be amended. Please contact us to confirm current offers and price.

Prices are correct as of 13 March 2020.

All prices are in AU$ per person, twin share.

Cruise ItineraryStart DateEnd DateStarts/EndsDaysAurora StateroomBalcony Stateroom CBalcony Stateroom BBalcony Stateroom ABalcony Stateroom SuperiorJunior SuiteCaptain's Suite
West Greenland Explorer*18-May-2028-May-20Nuuk, Greenland11$10,700 Limited$12,000 Limited$12,300 $12,400 $13,500$14,900$16,900 On Request
Early Booking Offer$10,700 Limited$10,200 Limited$10,455 $10,540 $10,800$11,920$16,900 On Request
Iceland Circumnavigation*2 Jun 202012 Jun 2020Reykjavik, Iceland11$10,700$12,000 Limited$12,300$12,400 $13,500 On Request$14,900 On Request$16,900 On Request
Early Booking Offer$10,700$10,800 Limited$11,070 $11,160 $11,475 On Request$12,665 On Request$14,365 On Request
Iceland Jan Mayen and Svalbard12 Jun 202022 Jun 2020Reykjavik, Iceland / Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen11$8,200 Limited$9,300 On Request$9,400 $9,500 $11,400 On Request$13,500$15,500
Early Booking Offer$7,380 Limited$8,370 On Request$8,460 $8,550 $10,260 On Request$12,150 $13,950
Svalbard Odyssey22 Jun 20202 Jul 2020Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen11$8,700 On Request$9,700 Limited$9,900 On Request$10,100 Limited$12,100 On Request$14,300 On Request$16,500 On Request
Svalbard Odyssey and Norway2 Jul 202012 Jul 2020Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen / Kirkenes, Norway11$8,700 On Request$9,700 $9,900 Limited$10,100 On Request$12,100 On Request$14,300 On Request$16,500 On Request
Franz Josef Land12 Jul 202026 Jul 2020Kirkenes, Norway15$11,900 On Request$13,400 On Request$13,600 Limited$13,900 Limited$16,700 On Request$19,700 $22,700 On Request
High Arctic Adventure2 Jul 202026 Jul 2020Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen / Kirkenes, Norway25$18,500 On Request$20,800 On Request$21,200 On Request$21,600 On Request$25,900 On Request$30,600 On Request$35,300 On Request
Jewels Of The Arctic26 Jul 20209 Aug 2020Kirkenes, Norway / Reykajvik, Iceland15$11,100 On Request$12,500 Limited$12,700 Limited$12,900 On Request$15,600 $18,400$21,200 On Request
Complete Arctic9 Aug 202031 Aug 2020Reykjavik, Iceland/ Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen23$17,900 On Request$20,100 Limited$20,400 On Request$20,800 Limited$25,100 On Request$29,500 On Request$34,000
Arctic Discovery31 Aug 202020 Sep 2020Longyearbeyn, Spitsbergen / Bergen, Norway21$15,800 Limited$17,700 Limited$18,000 $18,400 On Request$22,200 On Request$26,100 On Request$30,100 On Request
Early Booking Offer$15,800 Limited$15,930 Limited$16,200 $16,560 On Request$19,980 On Request$23,490 On Request$27,090 On Request
Iceland, Greenland and Canada*23 Sep 202013 Oct 2020Reykjavik, Iceland / St Johns, Canada21$16,800 On Request$22,400 Limited$22,800$23,300$31,400$37,000$42,600
Early Booking Offer$14,280 On Request$19,040 Limited$19,380$19,805$26,690$31,450$36,210


For more information on the voyages we offer, call 1300 668 112 or email


Greg Mortimer Early Booking Offer

Book by 31 March 2020 to save up to 20% on Arctic voyages. Offer is subject to availability at the time of booking. Early Booking Offers are capacity controlled and once discounted cabins are exhausted prices will be amended. Please contact us to confirm current offers and price.

Prices are correct as of 13 March 2020.

All prices are in AU$ per person, twin share (triple in triple cabins).

Cruise ItineraryStart DateEnd DateStarts/EndsDaysAurora Stateroom TwinBalcony Stateroom CBalcony Stateroom BBalcony Stateroom ABalcony Stateroom SuperiorJunior SuiteCaptain's Suite
Wild Scotland13 Jun 2123 Jun 21Oban / Aberdeen, Scotland11$11,900 On Request$13,200$13,500$13,700$14,900 On Request$17,500$20,200 On Request
Early Booking Offer$9,520 On Request$11,220$11,475$11,645$11,920 On Request$14,000$16,160 On Request
Orkneys, Faroes, Jan Mayen & Svalbard 23 Jun 217 Jul 21Aberdeen, Scotland / Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen15$16,200 Limited$18,100 Limited$18,400$18,700$20,300 On Request$23,900$27,500
Early Booking Offer$12,960 Limited$14,480 Limited$14,720$14,960$16,240 On Request$19,120$22,000
Svalbard Odyssey7 Jul 2119 Jul 21Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen / Kirkenes, Norway13$14,000 On Request$15,700 Limited$16,000 Limited$16,200 Limited$17,600 On Request$20,700 Limited$23,900 On Request
Early Booking Offer$11,200 On Request$13,345 Limited$13,600 Limited$14,580 Limited$14,080 On Request$16,560 Limited$19,120 On Request
Franz Josef Land Explorer (feat. Novaya Zemlya)19 Jul 213 Aug 21Kirkenes, Norway / Murmansk, Russia16$17,900 On Request$20,000$20,400$20,700$22,400 On Request$26,400 Limited$30,400 On Request
Early Booking Offer$14,320 On Request$16,000$16,320$16,560$17,920 On Request$21,120 Limited$24,320 On Request
Franz Josef Land Explorer (feat. Novaya Zemlya)03 Aug 2118 Aug 21Murmansk, Russia / Kirkenes, Norway16$17,900 Limited$20,000$20,400$20,700$22,400$26,400$30,400
Early Booking Offer$17,900 Limited$16,000$16,320$16,560$17,920$21,120$24,320
Svalbard Odyssey18 Aug 2130 Aug 21Kirkenes, Norway / Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen13$14,500 On Request$16,200 On Request$16,600 On Request$16,800 On Request$18,200 On Request$21,500 On Request$24,700 On Request
Early Booking Offer$11,600 On Request$12,960 On Request$13,280 On Request$13,440 On Request$14,560 On Request$17,200 On Request$24,700 On Request
Jewels of the Arctic30 Aug 2111 Sep 21Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen / Reykavik, Iceland13$13,400 On Request$14,900 On Request$15,300 On Request$15,500 On Request$16,800 On Request$19,800 On Request$22,800 On Request
Arctic Complete18 Aug 2111 Sep 21Kirkenes, Norway / Reykjavik, Iceland25$25,100 On Request$28,000 On Request$28,700 Limited$29,100 On Request$31,500 On Request$37,200$42,800
Early Booking Offer$25,100 On Request$23,800 On Request$24,395 Limited$24,735 On Request$25,200 On Request$29,760 $34,240
East Greenland Explorer10 Sep 2122 Sep 21Reykjavik, Iceland13$12,300 Limited$13,800$14,100$14,300$15,500 On Request$18,300$21,000
Early Booking Offer$9,840 Limited$11,040$11,280$11,440$12,400 On Request$14,640$16,800



Kayaking Greg Mortimer

Kayaking (from AU$1200 per person)

Immerse yourself in the incredible scenery of Antarctica onboard a kayak. Cruise past ice formations and see wildlife swim past as you glide along. You will be in groups of up to 12 with an experienced kayak guide who will take you to interesting locations, many that can only able to be reached by kayaks.

Available on all voyages.

Rock Climbing Greenland Greg Mortimer

Rock Climbing (from AU$1400 per person)

Explore the remote and rugged summits of East Greenland, scaling sheer granite cliffs and glacial remnants in pursuit of breathtaking views of Scoresby Sund’s ice-filled fjords. Experienced climbers will relish the chance to explore along the rarely-scaled peaks that dominate the landscape.

Available on voyages: 26 July & 8 August 2020. 18 August, 30 August, 10 September 2021.

Snorkelling Greg Mortimer

Polar Snorkelling (from AU$780 per person)

Float through crystalline waters and discover the underwater worlds few have experienced. Your diving specialist guide will take you to the best sites for snorkelling to see wildlife and the underside of icebergs. You will explore offshore islands, tranquil bays and even shipwrecks.

Available on voyages: 22 June & 2 July 2020 & 18 August, 30 August, 10 September 2021.

Scuba Diving Greg Mortimer

Polar Scuba Diving (from AU$1200 per person)

The adventure of a lifetime is available to certified divers with drysuit experience. On each dive discover otherworldly ice formations and marine life. Your expert guide will lead the dives from the Zodiac boats and from shore or around ice shelves and grounded icebergs.

Available on voyages: 22 June & 2 July 2020. 18 August, 30 August, 10 September 2021.

For more information on the voyages we offer, call 1300 668 112 or email

Greg Mortimer Cabins

Greg Mortimer Triple Stateroom

There are six Aurora Stateroom Triple cabins featuring portholes, all with private en-suites. Located on Deck 3, they’re close to the mudroom and loading platforms. *Please note the Aurora Stateroom Triple cabins are only available on certain departures.

Greg Mortimer Aurora Stateroom

The Greg Mortimer features eight Aurora Stateroom Twin cabins featuring portholes, all with private en-suites. Located on Deck 3, they’re close to the mudroom and loading platforms, perfect for adventurers who are looking for a comfortable base that’s close to the action.

Greg Mortimer - Balcony Stateroom C

There are 14 Balcony Stateroom C cabins – which are the most economical, fitted with all the necessities and comfortable for up to 2 people. These cabins are scattered throughout Decks 4 and 6. The cabin and balcony combined size is between 20.9-24.8 square metres.

Greg Mortimer Balcony Stateroom B

There are 21 Balcony Stateroom B cabins on board the Greg Mortimer. They are a standard cabin, many fitted with interconnecting features – making them great for families or groups. These cabins are located at the fore and aft of Decks 4 and 6. The cabin and balcony combined size is 23.6-24.8 square metres.

Greg Mortimer - Balcony Stateroom A

The 23 Balcony Stateroom A cabins are premium cabins and the most abundant on board. These cabins are located in preferred positions on Deck 4 and 6, which provide easy access between decks via the internal stairs or the elevator. The cabin and balcony combined size is between 24.1-31.3 square metres.

Greg Mortimer Balcony Suite

With a bit more room to stretch the legs, the Balcony Stateroom Superior cabins are perfect for polar adventurers who travel with plenty of gear. Located on Deck 4 and 6, the Staterooms feature floor to ceiling windows, en-suite bathrooms and a comfortable desk area. Some of these rooms are equipped with wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

Greg Mortimer Junior Suite

The Greg Mortimer’s four Junior Suites take in some impressive scenery from their vantage points on Deck 7. When you aren’t enjoying a landing, you can relax in the suites’ separate lounge area, or just watch the world float by from the private balcony. Measuring 38.9 square metres.

The largest of all the rooms, the Greg Mortimer’s singular Captain’s Suite will take you to the polar regions in ultimate style and comfort measuring 44.5 square metres. Complete with large lounge area, balcony, walk-in wardrobe and en-suite, you’ll need to get in early to secure this suite.

Deck Plan

Greg Mortimer Deck Plan

Ship Details

Greg-Mortimer - Mudroom

Lounge / lecture theatre
Photography and art room
Gym, sauna and wellness centre
Sun deck
Jacuzzi’s / plunge pool
Observation lounge
Viewing platforms
Hydraulic platforms
Zodiac launching platforms

Greg Mortimer - Gym

Fully-serviced accommodation in your chosen stateroom
Daily shore excursions, guided walks, Zodiac cruises and some activities*
Comprehensive pre-departure information kit and destination
resource guide
An experienced team of destination specialists and activity leaders
An informative and entertaining lecture program by our team of experts
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner including house wines, beer and soft
drinks, afternoon tea and snacks
Captain’s Welcome and Farewell drinks including four-course dinner, house
cocktails, house beer and wine, non-alcoholic beverages
Pre-dinner drinks including canapés and bar snacks
Complimentary 3-in-1 polar jacket
Complimentary use of gumboots
Complimentary use of fitness centre
Complimentary access to onboard expedition doctor and medical clinic
Personalised photo book (post-voyage)
Entry fees to historic or tourist sites
Port, pilotage charges and landing fees.
The following inclusions are also part of select voyages. Please refer to the specific voyage Trip Notes for inclusions pertaining to the voyage of your choice:
All Antarctic voyages include one night’s pre-voyage accommodation (included in itinerary)
and arrival airport transfer (on selected preferred flights)
Flights mentioned as per itinerary
Guided town tour and activities as per voyage itinerary
Luggage transfers.


Guests:                  120

Dimensions:       Length: 104.4m Width: 18.2m Draft: 5.3m

Speed:                   15.5 knots maximum

Built:                      To be completed in 2019

Operator:             Aurora Expeditions

Ice-Class:              1A (The hull is one category below a full ice-breaker)

We will tailor the perfect holiday to suit your needs.