Arctic Early Booking Offers and Specials

Early Birds Get The Best Cabin

Several Arctic ships encourage early booking by offering a reduced price (early bird offers) or additional value.  These offers vary and are often changed (reduced) as the ships fill up. Booking early ensures you get a great price as well as the cabin you prefer and allows you the time to take advantage of any flight specials.

Occasionally there are late booking offers as well – though booking late has its disadvantages; often the flights will be more expensive – depending on the offer – the ‘saving’ can be less than the additional amount paid for your flights. Also the cabin you would like may not be available. Our suggestion is to make use of the early booking offers and allow us to book your flights as soon as they become available to ensure you get the holiday you want.

For all Early Booking Offers and prices please contact our friendly sales consultants.

We will tailor the perfect holiday to suit your needs.