Day 1LongyearbyenBoard the Ship the Greg Mortimer
Days 2 & 3Explore SvalbardPolar bears, bird life, beautiful landscapes
Days 4 - 11East GreenlandSea birds, whales, polar bears, fjords, glaciers
Days 12 - 15East Greenland and Jan MayenFjords, Glaciers
Days 16 - 20Coast of NorwayTowering mountain scenery with deep fjords
Day 21Bergen, NorwayDisembark
Greg Mortimer Arctic Discovery


Greg Mortimer
Exterior Greg Mortimer

The Greg Mortimer is a new purpose built, polar expedition vessel taking 120 guests. This vessel has been designed in close consultation with Antarctic expedition specialists and is the first expedition cruise ship designed with the ULSTEIN X-BOW hull. This cutting edge nautical technology allows for gentle travel and motion at sea, improved comfort and safety on-board, reduced vibrations, lower fuel consumption and emissions and ‘virtual anchoring’ which means the ship can float anchor-less while launching the Zodiacs without disturbing delicate sea floor areas. There are four sea-level launching platforms for fast and efficient access to and from Zodiacs.

Day 1 Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen Spitsbergen Svalbard

Longyearbyen is the capital of Svalbard, a Norwegian territory. After arriving you will have time to explore the Svalbard Museum and look around the shops. Board the ship in the late afternoon and sail down magnificent Isfjorden.

Days 2-3 Spitsbergen

Polar Bear

Spitsbergen’s northwest coast features calving icebergs, historic whaling stations and trappers’ camps. Brunnich’s guillemots, little auks and kittiwakes nest in their thousands. Reindeer roam tundra dotted with wildflowers like saxifrage, moss campion and bell-heather. Take a Zodiac excursion for fantastic views of ice cliffs, including Monacobreen, one of Spitsbergen’s largest glaciers. In the north, look for walrus and possibly polar bears.

Days 4-8 Greenland Sea

At Sea

The ship will push through pack ice as you cross the Greenland Sea towards East Greenland National Park.  the expert naturalists and guest lecturers will hold an educational program and entertain you with fascinating talks on plants, animals and early explorers like Nansen, Andrée and Scoresby. Keep an eye out for fin whales, encroaching sea ice and seabirds. Once you have arrived at Greenland’s northeast coast, you will have several excursions a day, with possible landings including Kaiser Franz Josef Fjord, Kap Humboldt and King Oscar Fjord.

Days 9-11 Exploring East Greenland

Greenland Fjord

Sail south down Greenland’s eastern coastline, we enter Scoresbysund, the largest fjord system in the world. Possible landings here include Rode Island, Ittoqqortoormiit and Hare Fjord.

Days 12-15 East Greenland & Jan Mayen

Greenlands Fjords

Enjoy some final landings in Greenland, possibly including Blosseville Coast and Romer Fjord before crossing the Greenland Sea to Jan Mayen. The expedition crew will attempt to  make a landing on this remote, mist-shrouded, and rarely-visited volcanic island – the northernmost island on the mid-Atlantic rift.

Days 16-20 Coast of Norway

Fjords of Norway

Marvel at Lofoten Islands’ towering mountain scenery during landings including Trollfjord before sailing south and crossing the Arctic Circle. Weather permitting, cruise around Runde Island, Norway’s largest bird sanctuary. Perhaps visit Sor-Gjaelingan, a beautifully preserved fishing village, and Lysefjord.

Day 21 Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

Disembark in Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, which was founded more than 900 years ago and has roots to the Viking Age. You may wish to spend some time exploring this fascinating city. Our friendly travel consultants will be able to assist you with extending your stay. 

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