Greenland offers interesting culture, magnificent landscapes, and on a clear night the possibility to see the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis. This trip takes you into the world’s largest fjord system of Scoresby Sund as well as the opportunity to hike at Greenland National Park.



Day Place Highlights
Day 1 Reykjavik Iceland Arrive in Iceland and stay overnight in this beautiful capital city
Day 2 Embarkation Fly from Reykjavik to Constable to embark on the Ocean Nova on route to Greenland
Day 3 Alpefjord Explore the fjord on Zodiacs
Day 4 Brogetdal and Watershausen Glacier Colourful vistas, Waltershausen Glacier
Day 5 Blomsterbugten and Renbugten Hike near Blomsterbugten (Bay of Flowers) and Renbugten (Reindeer Bay)
Day 6 Ella Oya Ice-choked waters, ruggard cliffs and icebergs
 Day 7 Ittoqqortoormiit and Hall Bredning  Northern Lights, purchase unique local handicrafts
 Day 8 Frederiksdal and Sydkap  Massive icebergs, ancient Thule settlement ruins, towering mountains
 Day 9-10 Reykjavik  Disembark Constable Point then travel to Reykjavik where the tour ends.


Ocean Nova

Ocean Nova is a modern and comfortable vessel. She was built in Denmark in 1992 to sail the ice-choked waters of Greenland, and her ice-strengthened hull is ideally suited for expedition travel in Antarctica. The vessel has capacity for 68 passengers accommodated in simple and comfortable outside cabins, all with private facilities, including twin, triple and dedicated single cabins. In addition to a glass-enclosed observation lounge and presentation room, she also has a spacious dining room, a bar, a library and an infirmary.

With a maximum of just 68 guests not only can they all be accommodated on a single flight from (or to) Punta Arenas – she also can get everyone into zodiacs and ashore in a short period of time – maximising exploration time.

Day 1 Reykjavik, Iceland

Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland

Your Greenland adventure begins in Reykjavik, capital of Iceland. Spend the day getting aquainted with this beautiful city. You may wish to include an excursion to ride the famous Icelandic horses with a 5th gate or perhaps visit the geysir geothermal area or the impressive Gullfoss Waterfall.

Day 2 Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland

This morning fly from Reykjavik to Constable Point to board the Ocean Nova and embark on your adventure to East Greenland. You will meet the expedition staff and other guests and familiarise yourself with your new home.

Day 3 Alpefjord, Greenland

East Greenland Icebergs

Today as you arrive at Alpefjord you will be captivated by the breathtaking scenery. You will explore the fjords in Zodiacs cruising past icebergs of all shapes and sizes. Onshore you may spot arctic fox and musk ox.

Day 4 Brogetdal and Watershausen Glacier

Greenlands Fjords

Brogetdal is surrounded by multi-hued mountains. The colourful vistas make for beautiful photography and fascinating geology.

In the afternoon you will travel to the remote Waltershausen Glasier, an iceflow at the head of Nrodfjord. This glacier was named after the German explorer Baron Wolfgang Sartorius von Waltershausen, after he attempted but failed to reach the North Pole via East Greenland in 1869.

Day 5 Blomsterbugten and Renbugten

Bay of Flowers Blomsterbugten Greenland

Blomsterbugten, also known as “The Bay of Flowers,” is home to beautiful purple and gold colored rocks, which you have the option to hike along if you wish.


Continue on to Renbugten, called “Reindeer Bay” for the herd of 12 reindeer seen on one of the first expeditions to the area. Keep your eyes out for Arctic hare as they are common in this area.

Day 6 Ella Oya (Ella Island)

East Greenland

Ella Oya (Ella Island) is great for hikers. Breathtaking scenery with rugged cliffs and ice-choked waters make for a great backdrop for an easy stroll or a challenging hike to the top of the island. There are incredible views at the top for those who are game.

Day 7 Ittoqqortoormiit and Hall Bredning

Local children Greenland

As you enter the sound you will have an opportunity to visit Itoqqortoormiit, East Greenland’s northern most community. Here you will find a blend of traditional and modern lifestyles. Take a look around the local stores where you may wish to purchase some local Inuit artisan handicrafts. This is also a good opportunity to meet some locals and find out about their way of life.


As you continue on and cross Hall Bredning, part of Scoresby Sund, you will see icebergs larger than apartment buildings. If the sky is clear you may also see a spectacular display of the Northern Lights.

Day 8 Frederiksdal and Sydkap

Iceberg Scoresby Sund

Further into Scoresby Sund you will come across huge icebergs and visit an ancient Thule settlement as we approach Sydkap. The scenery is enchanting with towering mountains, icebergs and mist.

Days 9-10 Constable Point – Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland reflection

Arrive at Constable Point and disembark the ship. Transfer to your charterflight from Constable Point to Reykjavik the capital of Iceland. Spend the night here with your new found travel companions in a comfortable hote. The tour ends the following morning after breakfast. Either make your own way to the airport or stay on to explore Icealand for a little longer.

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