Day 1Oslo LongyearbyenExplore the capital of Norway before boarding a chartered flight to Longyearbyen
Day 2LongyearbyenCharter flight to Longyearbyen, embark ship
Days 3 -7SvalbardEnjoy Arctic wonderland probing deep into the ice, Monacobreen glacier, huge walrus, bearded and ringed seals, Arctic fox, reindeer, and immense whales
Day 8Bear IslandExplore this southernmost island of the archipelago
Day 9TromsøSpend today in a city spread over 627 islands
Day 10TysfjordenNear-vertical walls ascend above us and a scant few villages and Hellemobotn Valley
Day 11Lofoten IslandsLofoten archipelago
Days 12-14Fjords of NorwayExploring the central Norway coast
Day 15NordfjordGlacial mountain landscape, Loen Valley by coach amidst picture-book beauty, surrounded by a turquoise lake and craggy peaks.
Day 16BergenDisembark farewell and your own onward travel



National Geographic Endurance
National Geographic Endurance

Launching in 2020, the National Geographic Endurance is a next-generation expedition ship, purpose built for polar navigation. The Category A vessel is a fully stabilized, highly strengthened ship designed to navigate polar-passages and uncharted waters all year round. Designed to provide an extremely smooth ride in even the most adverse of conditions, reduced spray on deck and wave-splicing action making for superior observation.

Day 1 Oslo

Oslo, Norway

Check into the Hotel Bristol (or similar). After lunch, explore this charming city and stroll among the famed Vigeland sculptures—hundreds of life-size human figures set in Frogner Park. Visit the Fram Museum, dedicated to the wooden ship sailed by Norwegian explorers Nansen and Amundsen. This evening, join your fellow travelers for a welcome cocktail reception, followed by dinner.

Day 2 Longyearbyen

Depart Oslo on a charter flight and enjoy breathtaking vistas en route to Longyearbyen. Embark our ship and set out to discover the High Arctic of Svalbard.

Days 3-7 Svalbard

walrus, svalbard

We operate in true expedition style, letting nature dictate our day-to-day movements within an immense Arctic wonderland. Our fully stabilized, ice-class expedition ship probes deep into the ice where the polar bears forage. Join our spotters on the bridge as we scan the floes and islands for these iconic creatures, along with huge walrus, bearded and ringed seals, Arctic fox, reindeer, and immense whales. There’s no greater thrill than a sighting that brings everyone rushing to the bow or Bridge for a close-up view. We often sail deep into Hornsund, where even a novice kayaker can comfortably paddle in a cove surrounded by sparkling bergs and dramatic mountains. A venture to Monacobreen glacier delivers a classic High Arctic sensory experience: the booming sound of ice calving off the glacier cliff, heard even miles away. Video from our high-tech remotely operated vehicle (ROV) allows you to peer into the mysterious world that exists 1,000 feet below us.

Day 8 Bjørnøya (Bear Island)

Bear Island, Norway

Zodiac cruise around mist-shrouded Bear Island, a remote birdwatcher’s paradise housing one lonely meteorological station—and countless thousands of fulmars, kittiwakes, guillemots, and gulls. It’s the southernmost member of the Svalbard archipelago and sits at the confluence of the Norwegian and Barents Seas.

Day 9 Tromsø

Tromsø, Norway

Spend today in a city spread over 627 islands. At the Polar Museum, gain adventurous perspectives on the milestone Arctic expeditions that have originated here in Tromsø. And learn about immensely colorful characters like Henri Rudi (the Polar Bear King) and Wanny Wolstad (first female trapper to overwinter in Svalbard). At the Arctic Cathedral, a daring modern architectural landmark evoking the shape of Arctic nature, gaze up at Europe’s largest stained-glass window.

Day 10 Tysfjorden

Kirkenes, Norway

Our nimble ship enters Tysfjorden, where mile after mile of near-vertical walls ascend above us and a scant few villages manage to cling to the rocky shores. Enjoy a Zodiac cruise or kayak within this magical place alive with birch forests and tumbling waterfalls. Explore a hiking trail through Hellemobotn Valley that reaches almost to the Swedish border.

Day 11 Lofoten Island

guillemots iceland

The Lofoten archipelago boasts an enchanting landscape of picturesque villages ringed by jagged granite peaks. Enjoy village walks and island explorations as we venture through an area known for its dramatic landscapes and its cod fishing traditions throughout the centuries. A bit later, admire one of Norway’s most dramatic fjords from the deck as we glide through Trollfjorden.

Days 12 – 14 Fjords of Norway


Spend three days exploring the central Norway coast, revered by travelers worldwide for its mountainous islands and steep-walled fjords. Your Expedition Leader and Captain will consult with local Norwegian pilots on landing spots offering optimal adventure options. Zodiac under vertical rock faces, paddle serenely in a deep fjord surrounded by cascading waterfalls, or venture ashore for hikes with our naturalist staff. One example of the special places we’ve discovered over our years traveling this region is Melfjord, a narrow channel walled by steep granite cliffs polished smooth by glaciers. It’s surely one of our journey’s most photogenic spots.

Day 15 Nordfjord

Nordkapp, Norway

Arrive at the spectacular glacial mountain landscape of Nordfjord, a haven for adventurers. Travel up the Loen Valley by coach amidst picture-book beauty, surrounded by a turquoise lake and craggy peaks. Consider walking one of several relatively gentle trails through valleys shaped by massive glaciers; more strenuous hikes are also available. Walk with a naturalist along a tongue of the vast Kjenndal Glacier. By afternoon, view these scenic peaks from the deck as we sail back out of the fjord.

Day 16 Bergen

Bergen Wharf

Disembark our ship in Bergen, set on a lovely fjord, and transfer to the airport for homeward-bound flights.

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