Day 1Reykjavik, IcelandExplore rich history, fashionable art scene, museums, galleries and architecture
Day 2At SeaAttend lectures, go to the gym, relax in a hot tub, fine dining
Days 3 - 12East GreenlandPolar bears and other incredible wildlife, sea ice, Ittoqqortoormiit, Northeast Greenland National Park
Day 13 - 14Denmark StraitReflect on your experiences with newfound friends
Day 15Reykjavik, IcelandDisembark, explore the museums, galleries, restaurants and geothermal pools


MS Fram

Purpose-built (2007) as an expedition cruise ship, MS Fram is an exceptional base camp for explorers. On board, comfort is a top priority (she was fully upgraded in 2022), so after a day of exploration you can relax in a hot tub, dine in your choice of two restaurants or at the outdoor BBQ and catch up with your fellow guests with a cocktail in hand as you watch the scenery glide past in the Explorer Lounge & Bar. In the Science Centre, at the heart of the ship, you’ll discover more about the places you sail to and listen to talks by the Expedition Team.

Day 1 Reykjavik, Iceland

Your adventure begins in Reykjavík.

A laid-back city of art, culture and history, delightful Reykjavík is well worth spending some time getting to know.

Take a stroll along Laugavegur with its boutiques and outdoor shops, gaze in awe at the striking Hallgrímskirkja Church, and drop in on the fascinating Reykjavík Art Museum.

Day 2 At Sea

As you sail into the Greenland Sea on your way to the world’s largest island, it’s time to relax, find your sea legs and get acquainted with the onboard facilities.

The Expedition Team will give talks about your upcoming adventure and will explain the protocols of respectfully visiting wildlife habitats and Indigenous Arctic communities. In the lecture hall, you’ll find out what to expect in the epic landscapes of East Greenland National Park and the stunning fjords of Scoresby Sund.

If you’re feeling active, head to the gym and do a workout with a view. On the other hand, you could sample the sauna, laze in a hot tub, indulge yourself at the onboard eateries or just find a quiet corner to read a book with a hot drink. Love science? Then why not join one of the onboard Citizen Science projects, a fun and engaging way to contribute to global research.

Days 3 – 12 East Greenland

Greenland Fjord

You’ll spend the next 10 days exploring Greenland’s remote and pristine east coast. Extending for over 1,740 miles from north to south, this long stretch of coast is cold, isolated, and remote even by Greenlandic standards. The south-flowing East Greenland Current brings lots of sea ice directly from the Arctic Ocean, challenging human settlement but creating a heaven for ice-dependant wildlife, including the polar bear.

Local weather and ice conditions will dictate your exact route, but the plan is to sail first to Scoresby Sund, the world’s largest fjord system. You’ll feel a deep sense of serenity in this wild and rugged region, with white and blue icebergs floating in mirror-like waters surrounded by looming mountains. If conditions permit, you’ll visit Ittoqqortoormiit – the most remote inhabited community in the Western Hemisphere.

Should the sea ice be favourable, you’ll continue your journey north to the beautiful Northeast Greenland National Park – the world’s largest national park. Visiting this fragile Artic wilderness is a rare privilege as only a few visitors are permitted here each year.

Apart from old trapper huts, some science research stations, and a military outpost, there are very few traces of human life in this 375,000 square mile park. Be assured that this is one of the quietest places on Earth, and you’ll enjoy a feeling of great peace as you explore this beautiful wilderness.

Days 13 – 14 Denmark Strait

After exploring the remote beauty of Greenland, you will head to Iceland. Spend the days at sea recapping your experiences with new friends, studying nature in the Science Center, listening to a lecture or two, or just relaxing on deck. Look out for the seabirds that follow the ship and keep an eye out for whales.

 As you reflect on your cruise, from witnessing the delicate ecology of the fjord systems to the ethereal elegance of the floating ice, east Greenland’s beauty is sure to have left its mark on you.

Day 16 Reykjavik


Say a fond farewell to MS Fram as you end our expedition cruise in the lovely city of Reykjavík. With its interesting museums, stylish galleries, restaurants and geothermal pools, there’s so much to enjoy in Iceland’s capital.

And if you want to discover more of Iceland, extend your stay to enjoy more of Reykjavík and its surrounding geothermal attractions. It’s a great place to end an epic journey!

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